Haircuts For Veterans

Our mission at The Cut That Counts Foundation is a unique one: to give our time and services as barbers to people in need when they’re at their most vulnerable. The brainchild of a nurse and a Navy soldier-turned barber, The Cut That Counts Foundation is here to bring the best luxury, top-notch Haircuts and Barber services to veterans and those in hospice or hospital care!

Every man knows that when he leaves the barbershop with a fresh, tight haircut, he feels as though he could conquer anything the world throws at him. The confidence boost that a simple haircut and/or a clean shave can provide is amazing. Take a moment to think about the last time you had a job interview, or wanted to ask someone on a date. You would go into it far more confident with a fresh cut and/or style. The same goes for women when they leave the hair salon.

This is something that, especially in today’s society, people tend to take for granted. Something as simple as receiving this kind of service can give someone, perhaps in a more difficult situation, that little bit of hope to keep pushing forward; be it an emotional struggle to get back to reality, to put in that extra fight to live a little longer, or make a full recovery. A transformation on the outside can go a long way to make someone feel better on the inside, more energized, and more confident to tackle what life throws at them!

Whatever the struggle is that leaves one feeling stranded and unable to acquire a service like this, we want to be there for them. We want to be there for the Wounded or Disabled Veteran, the infirm and ill in hospice or home care, patients in the hospital receiving treatments that make them unable to leave, the homeless – lack of mobility shouldn’t stop them from a new style or a fresh shave! We will go to them!

Our plan is to build a fleet of mobile barbershops/salons equipped with portable workstations for those who are not ambulatory, as well as provide services to homeless shelters. We will have licenced volunteers and employees, with hopes of eventually covering all 50 states. With your help, we can bring this dream to life. Help us help those in need of this simple, yet not so simple, luxury. We are here to give our all and we appreciate your continuous love and support!