The Cut That Counts

The Cut That Counts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing luxury barbershop and/or salon services to those in need – veterans, those in hospice care, long-term hospital care patients, and the homeless.

One day in 2017, Steve Paul (SP) received a call. It was from a registered nurse looking for barber services for one of her patients, a young man severely injured in a construction accident. They had one simple request: a haircut and shave, just to help him feel a little more like himself. There was no telling when he would next get to visit a barbershop – or if he’d ever be able to at all. There was no question in SP’s mind. He was going to help. And if he was going to help, he was going to MAKE IT COUNT.

It was a seemingly small gesture that made this young man’s day. His gratitude really made the dream clear to SP. Since that day, SP and Sarah stayed in contact. That day ultimately showed SP a way in which he could give back to those in need – by making a service like this easier to come by for people in situations in which they cannot travel to a barber shop. Nearly 2 years later, The Cut That Counts Foundation was born.

When we’re at our most vulnerable, feeling unkempt or unconfident can be one more burden that can hinder recovery and quality of life. Looks aren’t everything – but feeling and looking more like ourselves, that boost in confidence, can lead to a more positive outlook on life and improve recovery outcomes and over-all wellbeing.

It truly is the little things in life that can matter the most!